Marriott Park Ridge

300 Brae Blvd., Park Ridge, NJ
Manager: Brian Gessner, [email protected]


The following issues were reported by state and local governments responsible for inspecting hotels and/or food service establishments. In some cases, there is an indication that the reported violation was corrected by the time of a follow-up inspection; in other cases, no information was available as to whether a follow-up inspection was conducted. Accordingly, this blog should be understood to describe circumstances that existed on the date of the referenced inspection only. Should you have questions about the ongoing status of any situation described herein, you may contact the general manager of the respective establishment.

  • In February of 2014, health inspectors from Bergen County found food contact surfaces not properly cleaned, food not protected from contamination, kitchen scissors and butcher knife “rusty and encrusted.” Bar area infested with fruit flies. Spills not mopped up and mops not stored properly. Inspection 5/2016 found food not protected from contamination, and hot holding temperatures not hot enough. Inspection 11/16 found workers handling food with bare hands and food not dated and labeled. 9/2017 found food not being kept hot enough, food debris on carts, and chemicals in the food prep areas.
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