Marriott Saddle Brook

138 New Pehle Ave., Saddle Brook, NJ
Manager: Anthony Grasso, [email protected]


The following issues were reported by state and local governments responsible for inspecting hotels and/or food service establishments. In some cases, there is an indication that the reported violation was corrected by the time of a follow-up inspection; in other cases, no information was available as to whether a follow-up inspection was conducted. Accordingly, this blog should be understood to describe circumstances that existed on the date of the referenced inspection only. Should you have questions about the ongoing status of any situation described herein, you may contact the general manager of the respective establishment.

  • On 8/13/2014 the Marriott Hotel in Saddlebrook was found to be in violation of the Uniform Construction Code Act for not scheduling inspections as required by their permits. Violations occurred in 2017. They had the fine reduced in August of 2017 to $500.00.
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